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Slow Internet speed

I have been having issues with my LTE speed for the last week.


I work from home and as such need the internet on a daily basis. I usually get between 20 MBPS to 40 MBPS, but the last week, I haven't even been able to get 1MBPS


What is going on? I cannot even have a proper chat with the online chat function because of the bad internet! When I call Telkom I have to be on hold for an hour to just get this sorted!


Anyone else having issues recently?

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Re: Slow Internet speed

Having the same problem. logged a called with telkom last week thursday. and all i get back is that we must wait 72 working hours. The network is a disgrace for anyone that is with telkom. And they of no help whatsover. 

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Re: Slow Internet speed

Also been having this problem since the 1st when I contacted them they told me to switch to telkom SA 4G it was fine for a few minutes but then started to get 1000 to 2000 ping I just lost hope in them
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