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Slow speeds and high latency at night

Hi I am from Gonubie in East London and i have been with the LTE package for about 2 years now and all during that time i never had any issues. I would have the odd slow day here and there but for the most part i was happy with it.


For the last 4 or 5 months i have been experiencing increased latency and slower speeds more and more to the point where at night my netflix is so pixelated i can barely see anything. I have 150+ pings, and 0.5 to 1MB download speeds and 0.2 upload. This is unacceptable. I have a new netgear router as well. From my house i can see the tower its literally across a fairway on a golf course from my house so its not the signal. Everytime i log a call, which may i add has been in excess of 5 to 10 times, i get told the standard "read from a book" steps to reset my router etc etc and then get an sms saying its being escalated and then nothing all the while i dont see anyone or hear from anyone. Your towers are obviously congested now and you are not upgrading them to handle the higher traffic volumes so when everyone gets home from work your towers cant handle it and slow down. Yet you continue to con people into buying these packages. Im so glad my contract is up so i can cancel this as its a waste of time. I would rather go back to DSL with another superior provider for more money than what im paying now and know that i have a constant speed atleast. My only regret is that you still make money off the line rentals if i could i would not give telkom a cent. Its a pity because when i reluctantly went for the LTE uncapped wireless package i was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked well and i had super speeds but you obviously got greedy and now we all suffer.



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Re: Slow speeds and high latency at night

Hi, i feel your pain and exasperation as this seems to be a country-wide problem (judging by complaints on other forums). I also experience similar in DBN and PTA lte areas.


Maybe you can set the router to "4G/LTE" and manually search and select telkom LTE/4g, if you have not done so already. There might be a slight improvement.

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Re: Slow speeds and high latency at night

I get the same speeds and latency as the person mentioned above but I use 3G. Will my speeds increase and latency decrease once I get a 4G router?

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lkom.Re: Slow speeds and high latency at night

I have the same problem. Logging calls with dumbkom either via their twitter, facebook or contact number doesn't get anything resolved. Phoned them today and teh guy just put me on hold the whole time, hoping that I would end the call. Glad I got a recording of that and now I'll put it on youtube to warn people of this useless company. There is just now customer support.


I stay in Moutain View and my download is 0.84 and upload 1.2. When I take the router to work and do a speedtest from there I get 26mbps download and 6mbps upload. Now tell me where can the fault be? 

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Re: Slow speeds and high latency at night

I'd like to addmy voice to this discussion.


I had a perfectly operating, trouble free, 4Mb/s ADSL service replaced with an LTE router. This is a Telkom initiative to ultimately get rid of landlines. 


By exception I will measure download speeds of 3.6MB/s. My average speed is below 2Mb/s and at night <1MB/s is more typical.


I believe this is a widespread problem and would encourage all who are experiencing similar issues to make it known via this thread. I have tried on many occasions to obtain Telkom support and have just been met with the exasperating "switch off the router for 2 mintues" chant or an unfulfilled promise to report a fault. 


If  the response is wide enough we can hopefully make Telkom aware of the fact that these are not isolated incidents. I personally am of the opinion that Telkom under-estiated the effect of this traffic on their LTE network.








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