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Smart home LTE unlimited

Good Afternoon


I migrated from adsl to Lte due to speed contraints on adsl viewing streaming services. I am into my second month and already I have been capped due to exceeding 50 gig limit. I have contacted telkom few times but nobody can assist me. I have explained that I do not do any  p to p dowloading and the main reason for using the service is for streaming and online gaming but as far as i understand the terms of service that I should not be capped using these services. The last customer services rep tried to convince me that my cell phone updates used 19 gig in one day or my antivirus. I use esset nod 32 now I am so confused and fustrated that I am not getting the service I am paying for. Adsl speed is limited to 10 meg line and telkom can't give me a time frame for upgrade of services in my area.


thanks in advance for the help



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Re: Smart home LTE unlimited



How do you know that you have been capped?

How do you track your usage?




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Re: Smart home LTE unlimited

@yusufj Not easy with a router, but you can register in under My Telkom


There you can see how much data you used

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Re: Smart home LTE unlimited

I have been throttled to 128 k for all internet usage. Contacted telkom and found out that last month was due to xbox updates. This month they told me that live streaming used up all my data. I went in to cancel contract and waiting for reply. I have read up on the net and as far as my understanding is that showmax should not count towards my data cap. I posed the question to them that they must remove the unlimited as my understanding is from my experiece is that all data usage counts towards the cap on account so where is the unlimited. So why so many different reasons for reaching cap never had this problem on uncapped adsl line and my son also use to torrent. My son even had Lan sessions with upto 10 people on adsl line never got capped.




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