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SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless more like Suckbroadballs

I applied for SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless on the 9th of March 2016 and would like to follow up on the progress of my application. My tickets number is # 090316-11473


After not being contacted for several weeks and two complaints on Helopeter.com I called the call centre to finalise my application.  My application was finalised on the 31st of March 2016, after my call and I have been trying in vain to get a tracking number or even a ballpark range of when my router and simcard would be delivered. 


I called on the 7th, 12th, 13th, 14, and 15th of April and was told EACH DAY, that I would receive my tracking number in no less than 48 hours. Today after 1h23min on hold I still have't resolved this issue. 


I have submitted my details to 5 agents on chat and have sent emails 7 emails to onlinesales@telkommobile.co.za with no answer. 


for a telecommunications company, Telkom really sucks at telecommunication. 

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Re: SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless more like Suckbroadballs

Hi @bruinou, i have directed this to a sales team to try and get to the bottom of your device delivery. Please not though that this is not a service channel.

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Re: SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless more like Suckbroadballs

I fully understand your frustration. 


Have a similar scenario myself, applied received a call and it stopped there. I cannot apply again so I have no way of gettig this deal. I do belive its a farce and false advertising on the part of Telkom.


Seems as though Telkom likes to higher Government employee wanabees... Get a job and to hell with helping clients or fianlising a sale, complaint, anythign related to work. Viva jobs viva!! 

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