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Smartbroadband Wireless....Lte??

Good day/Night (Whichever is applicable),

I need some help regarding my current contract with Telkom in relation to my internet package. If someone with some deep internet knowledge with telkom can assist, i would really appreciate it because I'm confused here.

A few days ago i upgraded my contract to the
Smartbroadband LTE-A plan for R799 pm that comes with a B618 Router.
All went well.
Now remember i specifically requested LTE-A because I'm smack centre in the middle of the coverage map and get high Lte speeds.
I connected my device and what not, and for about a minute my online set up indicated 4G+ (LteA) then it went back to regular 4G and stayed that way ever since. I've seen no increase in the speeds I've received when compared to my former LTE package and it's full 5 bar signal.

Confused, i went onto the telkom website to find this.. Telkom has two packages. Hear me out if im wrong or misguided in my assumptions. They provide
1. Smartbroadband Wireless LTE/LTE-A DATA -
Available on the 2300Mhz band and all that other stuff.
2. Smartbroadband Wireless Data
Available on the LTE/ LTE-A networks

So when i do send an sms through my router i find that it says the following: 'You have inclusive 39600MB Smartbroadband data available'

Shouldn't it be saying:'You have inclusive 39600MB Smartbroadband LTE/ LTE-A data available'???

I'm pretty sure option 2 is the data that was meant for LTE-A signals. I mean its what im paying for right?

Or does both data packages work the same when you're assigned to an LTE-A contract?

Please Help Smiley Sad
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Re: Smartbroadband Wireless....Lte??

Hi @NathanTitan


I'm familiar with fibre & adsl -   'deep internet knowledge' way beyond me but can maybe help a bit .😀


The delay could be because your upgrade was very recent and may still be in process in Telkom system. May take a few days before the final ‘switch’ to your new contract then you’ll see improved performance.


Try a few speed tests logged in to the router this week , you should see it change from 4G to 4G+. Telkom site says LTE-A = 4g , “ up to 150 mbps” .


If not, give 10210 a call - your user name and/or password may have changed for the new contract.


Some LTE/LTE-A info here you might find useful :


Hope this helps.

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