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Smartbroadband downgrade/switch

About a year ago I signed up for a smartbroadband 30gb wireless contract and I have no complaints regarding the service. 


My employer has however recently given me a work data contract and now I no longer need such a large Data package. 


Seeing as it would be financialy irresponsible to terminate and 'buy out' the remainder of my contract, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the following: 


1. Is it possible to downgrade/switch my contract?

2. If so, does the downgrade/switch have to be within the smartbroadband range ( i'm interested in swithcing to a smartinternet package)

3. What sort of penalties can I expect?


Many thanksSmiley Happy


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Re: Smartbroadband downgrade/switch

Hi @wyndeson Your best option would be to contact sales on 10213 for more info.

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