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Splinting of Telkom Invoices.

So I have 3X Data Contracts with telkom. So I've recently installed ADSL at home and found out that I no longer need those 3X Data Contracts. So I've given those 3 Routers to 3 Different colleagues who pay me cash every month for those services. I have enquired about "A Change Of Ownership" so that I could release those 3 Contracts to them and have them take over it, but telkom doesn't have that option to Change the ownership of a 24 Months contract.

What I would like to know if it's possible to have those 3 Contracts remain on my name and have the Bills Split independently and each bill to have 3 Seperate Banking details so the debits go out not from my account but from my colleagues? Has anyone been through this or know if it possible?

I would appreciate the feedback.

Thank you,

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