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Stolen cables, Telkom refuses to replace

We had an uncapped adsl package at an ISP for about 2 years. 6 weeks ago our lines got stolen and after 5 weeks Telkom replied and told us that they are NOT going to replace the stolen lines. They suggested LTE but according to one person we don't have LTE coverage but another Telkom assistant says we do, according to one sales person we can't have an uncapped lte package. 


Because Telkom refuses to replace the line i feel there must be some sort of "special cases" lte package for cases like this. I don't want to pay double the amount for uncapped than i did with adsl if it's not my fault for the stolen line and telkom not wanting to replace.


I hope there can be some sort of arrangement regarding this issue.

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Re: Stolen cables, Telkom refuses to replace

I have the same issue with Telkom. We have also been with telkom for more than 20 years. Our cables were stolen in February. Telkom advised they are going to replace the cables but after a few weeks they advised they are not going to due to "high risk area" They provided us with a FLLA phone which only has 10 gigs of data which is surely not enough for a house were 4 people connect to the internet. I have tried to go wireless with LTE and also other ISP but they do not support our area. I am stuck at the moment as we have no options and telkom being the only ISP who can replace the cables we have no where else to go. This is surely not good service by telkom as they are not doing what is needed to support their customers

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