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Sudden drop in LTE signal in Roodepoort

Hi. I have a LTE solution that has performed very well for the past 2 years at home. We needed an antenna to get good coverage but beside that no issues. Suddently the signal dropped about 3 weeks ago and now I have no speed or coverage for LTE and when it does connect i barely get 100kb speed. I have been in touch with the help teams on facebook and the online chat and both just say they will speak to the technical team. I have no call reference, I have no problem identification and i have no one willing to tell me whether the service is coming back. So I am paying R900 a month for nothing right now.


1) Can anyone let me know whats happening. tower out, tower change, network change. something. - Maybe i need to change where I am pointing.
2) anyone else having issues with coverage and speed in roodepoort?

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