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One day suddenly my internet was terribly slow. I went on my roof and adjusted the antennae and the router has almost full signal. Previousely it only had two bars and was at 10mbps. Now with 4 bars its at 2mbps. Called Telkom mobile and was told my internet is being throtteled due to high usage. The telkom terms and conditions say they will inform you if you have high usage and then slow it down. I never recived such a message. I have had the service for a long time, my usage has not changed, my wife and I both work so we use the internet only in the morning and night. So I highly doubt there was high usage. Sent a complaint ( Case number: AI265707 ) on hellopeter. Then the response was for me the customer to forward the complaint to the hello peter mail account. I did that and I am still waiting for Telkom to return my internet to normal speeds.


I then I see that the Telkom site has options to register and then link your number to your account. I entered the details to link the account and get an error stating the number is not registred to my ID number. How is that possible? So now another issue. ( case number: 20039468 )


Neither one has been resolved yet. I have been a loyal customer but I really feel that that means nothing to Telkom.

Posts: 4


Just an update. Nothing has been resolved. My one case was closed without being resolved. My other case is not on the system anymore. My internet speeds are still slow with my router showing 4 bars signal LTE. My profile still does not let me link my number to my profile.





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