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TI Entertainment Showmax

So I havent had a great week and a half


We added the TI entertainment Bolt On atthe beginning of the month

All went very well until we reached the 10GB cap on the first line


when you add the Bolt of for R99 you get two lines you will see on your account
#1 TI entertainment (10GB cap)
#2 TI entertainment 128kbps (large amount of data allocated)


Now...here comes the fun part.

when this 10GB is finished, your regular data will be used while you watch showmax (example your 20GB or 30GB bundle)


So we got the bolt on so it wouldnt eat into our data (kinda the point right?)

once this is finished then only will it move over to use the #2 TI entertainment allocation of data
this is throttled to 128kbps


So you have unlimited Showmax yes, (well this is how it has been explained to me)

but it will use the 10GB then your data bundle then when you have no more data you can still showmax...fun right? 

But you just have no more data for anything else.


Now tis whole time (quite relentlessly) i have been struggling with Telkom technical, facebook team, twitter team, to get this info out of them

when I first asked how it worked the technical dept (the lady who I first spoke to about it) told me that it should move from the first TI bundle to the second one at a throttled rate of 128kbps (which is why i logged the case to begin with because it was using my data bundle)

Only to be told that no, no, the way it is currently eating ALL my data is the correct sequence...


Anyways Happy Showmaxing
PS: I had no idea of the above when i signed up



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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

@karamudge, I had heard that on LTE there is a Fair Use Policy amount of 10Gb. The thing is, you wont be able to stream at 128kbps.

But at R99 for 10Gb of mobile is still a huge deal. 10Gb of FreeMe = R399 and at Vodacom 10Gb = R599

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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

 Thanks for the reply.


I get you. it is a good deal for data not disputing that BUT the way it works is not the way it is advertised or understood by the peple that work there...the tech dept was the one who told me how it works in the first place when I called to find out why my normal data was getting depleted.

When I activated it the sales person at Telkom shop didnt explain it properly (exact words "You can watch as much showmax as you want and it wont use your data")  


The fact that they even give you this huge amount of data (once the FUP 10GB and once all of your data bundles are finished) to use for showmax (especially showmax) then they throttle it at 128kbps shows that they actually didnt even think it through in the first place. 

You are 100% correct you cannot stream showmax at that rate. I have now got to set the 25 allowed updates (10 of which took 2 days to download then I actually ended up staying up late enough to use my offpeak data to download them) which means that I can still watch showmax but I cant do anything else (no phone updates over my wifi or plauing xbox online) because the moment I load any bundles it will use that for showmax as well. 


It just seems that they set this up wrong and they advertise it as this wonderful service but no one can explain it properly in the first place. 

I am just frustrated and dissappointed.

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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

I have just realized the same.  The problem is they are not clear on this when you sign up.  Secondly the word uncapped is not used in a clear way.  Telkom is misleading customers and with the new client fairness act they are going to run into trouble.

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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

Same thing happened to me..took out the TI ent. at the beginning of this month....was surpised to see my broadband being usedAfter logging a query about this....i get a call out more than a week week later 4 an explaination.i agree with u this should be explained on the onset.
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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

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Mine did not work at all.


Subscribed for a couple months.


Have now unsubscribed from Showmax.


Waste of time and money... i stream from the app and website.


I still like Netflix, so i will try and get the bundle to work.

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Re: TI Entertainment Showmax

How did you unsubscribe from showmax, was the showmax account linked through Telkom, been struggling for months to get telkom to cancel my subscription and been sent from pillar to post. Pls share how to cancelled.
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