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Tel all the people to Kom and get ??????

I signed up fot LTE unlimited and got limited service. I signed my contract in March 2016 and two weeks into my contract my problems started. I have been trying to cancel the contract since July and all I get is a ref no. then and message its been resolved yet nothing has been resolved. My contract was for unlimited internet and at fastest speed available in my area. Then came the shock after loading telkom app on my phone, my service is limited to 100gig a month with a up and down speed of 4MB. I read and understood the terms and conditions of the contract but what I signed up for and getting is two different things. I understand this is a community help forum and if someone can please **bleep**ist me with who can I contact to resolve this issue as I am already on a first name basis with my local telkom store and all they can **bleep**ist me with is placing a call to the not so helpfull help desk when you can get through to them. The latest answer which was about 3 months ago was they need to send out a technician to verify the speed in my area but as I explained its not the speed its the contract that limits my speed and data allocation if I handled my customers in that way I would be collecting my pay check on the pavement outside my employers gate. The last ref no I got was 19139123 on the 10th october 2016. The best joke of all is the last message I recieved was " your case no 19552248@Telkom Mobile is resolved. Who are you gonna call!" . Thats correct who are we going to call definitely not Telkom as from the tone of the message its Go %$#@^ yourself and stop bothering us.




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Re: Tel all the people to Kom and get ??????

Hi @Coco105 Pease PM me you service number and contact details.

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