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Telkom 3G Coverage

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I recently have moved to a new area and for a few months now I have an unstable connectivity at home.  We run a Huawei B683 router wired + wireless connections. The router works OK. Home network works OK .Singal level not strong, and when things work well conncetion is not very fast.

But the connectivity to the Telkom site is unstable. When it drops me for no reason every few hours, sometimes requiring manual router resetting it is inconvenient. When it does so a few times per hour every few minutes, often in the middle of trying to refresh a page, or in the middle of a download or worse still in the middle of a banking, or SARS e-filing transaction it becomes, as it is now, intolerable.  I have tested my connection speed with a Vodacom sim and it was working perfectly.


Can Telkom please assist me. 

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Re: Telkom 3G Coverage

Telkom does not attend to any requests on this channel, this is for peer 2 peer support.  You might try the guides under How to get help?


Did you check the mobile coverage in your area on the Telkom site?

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Re: Telkom 3G Coverage

Not every network covers an area in the same way. WHat you could try is to change the antenna on your router to a High Gain Antenna. That boosts the power to pick up a better signal. ALso move the router around in your home to the place where it picks up best signal

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Re: Telkom 3G Coverage

Yes I did.

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