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Telkom ADSL vs LTE

Hi All, I have had ADSL for a number of years and considering migrating to an LTE solution from Telkom. I've connected a buddy's LTE router at my place ( 1pm on a weekday) and the got relatively decent speeds i.e. +/-25Mbps download and +/- 7Mbps upload. Could you please share your experiences with the the LTE home solution. 

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Re: Telkom ADSL vs LTE

Well I have the uncapped LTE R599 promotion and I am not looking back.... I stream 3 televisions at the same time... and i go through R250 gigs of data per month.


S i will say cancel that ADSL and get LTE its off the hook

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Re: Telkom ADSL vs LTE

Sounds good but I have also seen a number of terrible post about poor speeds and latency.
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