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Telkom Integrated Data Service

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Please can someone help me! I'm about to lose my sense of humour! Telkom service really sucks at the moment, and nobody seems interested in trying to assist Telkom customers who are actually paying their salaries.  I got so excited when I received my Telkom Integrated Service lettter and sim, and now I am trying to activate the Telkom Integrated Data service, and am not having much luck.   I purchased the Huawei E5330 device, and have inserted the sim, which has been activated, or at least that's what Telkom support staff tell me.  I have then gone through the set up steps as directed. Right, now......I can see the device on my phone and connect to it, BUT I can't surf the web. Just keeps saying "can't connect right now, try again" If I "forget" the connection and connect to the regular router, I can surf no problem. I've inserted the sim in my phone, and still can't connect to the internet.  does this mean I require a sim swap.  What is wrong?  Argh! And Telkom technical support are very helpful......not. They can't help me, and say they will send an ADSL technicial to my house?  Well, I currently have an outstanding falut logged for my landline, and haven't heard a thing from Telkom for 9 days.  I suppose I will have to wait for another 9 days to hopefully have a Tellom ADSL tech contact me.  And in the meantime I am paying for a service I can't use.  

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Re: Telkom Integrated Data Service

howzit. Have you changed the APN name to Telkominternet already? How did you receive the sim, was it delivered or did you collect it in-store? If it was delivered, there's a number on the slip you need to call to have it activated. But, try to change the APN name first.
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Re: Telkom Integrated Data Service


I'd just like to know if you know what I can do to connect my phone to my iPad (where I have my integrated sim card in) ? The iPad is connected to the Internet but I don't know how to connect my phone to it. 

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Re: Telkom Integrated Data Service

@RauhahA you need to setup your iPad as a wifi hotspot. check this link - http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-use-your-new-ipad-as-a-hot-spot/

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