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Telkom Integrated SIM Card not working (2GB as per my ADSL contract)

Having issues with my new TI Mobile 2GB Data SIM, (ADSL service originally started 23rd of March 2019)

Received SIM on the 24th of April 2019, Activated on the 25th of April 2019. Ever since then I couldn’t use 1KB of the data due to the fact that NO DATA is being linked to SIM (0768669396). For some reason 2GB WIFI Hotspot data was setup as default on this contract & NO telkom rep could assist me… Not Store, Not Mobile, Sales, Technical Call Centres… (Must have called 200 Times since the 25th, and visited store 3times, just being sent from one department to the next.

REF: 203056 (Escalated…)

REF: 28078774 (Escalated…)

REF: 2822396 (Escalated…)

REF: 43988303 (Escalated to IT department)

Any advice?

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