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Telkom LTE in the spotlight for Local Elections

[ Edited ]

Telkom will provide ICT services to the Independent Electoral Commission for the 2016 elections.


“Telkom will provide a variety of ICT solutions to be sure that every point of the electoral chain is connected to a reliable network that will validate and report on the municipal election results,” said Telkom.


The company said it will “enable the safe and secure delivery” of ballot results from over 22,000 polling stations to the National Results Operation Centre in Tshwane.


Telkom is also providing a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots in almost 1,000 voting stations.

“This pilot programme will utilise Telkom’s existing LTE/4G infrastructure and will likely be expanded for future elections, if successful.”

The solution for the IEC includes access for the IEC’s Wide Area Network through Telkom’s Virtual Private Network Services platform, which uses multiple access mediums – including satellite technology, Diginet/Martis, Metro LAN, Telkom’s ADSL, and ISDN (Primary and Basic Rate) architecture.


“Telkom’s Data Centre is at the heart of the IEC’s Disaster Recovery measure. Working as a mirror image of the IEC’s Head Office, all data activities at the IEC HQ are replicated at Telkom’s Data Centre in real time.”






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