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Telkom Mobile Cancellation NEVER processed- Now I have a default on my credit record for non-payment

In May 2014 I tried to cancel my mobile contract through the call centre and was informed that I need to complete the cancellation and send it to retainme@8ta.co.za which I then did and got a response stating "I have forwarded the form to the relevant department.".


Telkom Mobile then continued debiting my account for over a year amounting to roughly R3900 until I had actually closed the bank account being debited. Some time later out of the blue I get a legal notice stating I owe Telkom just over R1500 for non-payment bearing in mind that the sim card was thrown away the day I sent the cancellation notice through.


At that stage I logged a support case with Telkom to investigate, case number 17847297, only for me to follow up with them again 18 months later as the attorneys were sending threats fast and furious... still no response from Telkom.


During the week I pulled an ITC report and noticed a default against my name to the amount of R1580 from Telkom on 31 August 2017 for "Bad Debt Written Off". Yesterday, 5 June 2018, I called YET AGAIN and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Cannan only to be told that it was Cynthia Mazibuko that originally attempted to contact me and allegedly after 3 failed attempts they just closed the support case and continued with the threats. Now my preferred method of contact is via email as its often very difficult to reach me during the day on my mobile. The call centre agent, Cannan, advised that he had sent an email to Cynthia to give me a call and have been waiting in anticipation for this call to resolve the issue... 24 hours later still nothing so called the call centre yet again. At this stage Im obviously fuming and told the agent, Kabelo, that it seems my only recourse here would be to go to small claims court to which his response was, "That would probably be the best idea"


Telkom... I'll see you in court!!!

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