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Telkom Mobile LTE - speed not more than 2MB/s



I have the B315 router with that I pay R369 for, well R374.30 now - I am assuming because VAT is not 15%.


The issue is since I have had the router my internet speed is nothing more than 2MB/s - basically impossible to do anything on the internet. I know that there has been issues with the B315 router therefore I have tried using one of my old phones and creating a hotspot, however still the same problem (under 2MB per second) and I have tried this in multiple locations.


Please can someone advise as to what can be done, as I have called customer care and they say factory reset the router which does not help. Also since I have tested in an LTE enabled phone I should be getting high speeds.


I have been paying every month but I am unable to use the data as the speed is too low and now this is becoming fraustrating.


Is there any way to solve this issue or for me to cancel this contract? 

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Re: Telkom Mobile LTE - speed not more than 2MB/s

have an LTE line with Telkom for 3 years. In February 2018 the speed dropped from about 10mbps to 1mbps, and down to 0.5mbps for at least half a day at times. I've logged a fault many times but each time they were registered as resolved days later. Eventually on 20 July 2018 a Telkom tech came to my house opening windows, pulling up blinds, holding devices out of the window and even drove up down the road but could not get a decent signal. To date I have not been told how Telkom will solve this matter. I have called the call centre over 10 times (always having to wait 25 minutes or more for someone to answer). The problem has been escalated numerous times and I'm still waiting for an answer. I'm trying to cancel the contract but I'm told that I'll have to pay a penalty. I dont know what to do
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