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Telkom Mobile Roaming: TelkomSA vs TelkomSA-R

[ Edited ]

As the relative new comer in the mobile arena, Telkom Mobile has a roaming agreement with Vodacom to use their network in areas where Telkom does not have coverage on our own towers. This ensures our customers have the best network coverage possible. If you are on the move, there is seamless handover between Telkom and Vodacom towers to give you uninterrupted service.


Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your data and airtime:


  • Check which network your device connects to.
    • TelkomSA indicates that you are connected to the Telkom Mobile network on a Telkom tower.
    • TelkomSA-R indicates that you are connected to our roaming partner, Vodacom’s tower.
    • By default, your device will try and connect to the network with the strongest signal.
    • Please use our Coverage Map to check coverage.
  • Check that you have the correct data for the correct network.
    • If you want to use Telkom Data, ensure that you have strong signal on the TelkomSA network. Telkom Data will only work when connected to one of our own towers (TelkomSA).
    • If you prefer to have connectivity anywhere in the country without hassle, ensure that you buy All Networks Data, as this works on both TelkomSA and TelkomSA-R.
    • If you received an SMS to say that your data has been paused, it is because you have Telkom Data and are in a roaming area (TelkomSA-R). Try to set your device to manually detect and connect to the TelkomSA network, or ensure that you have All Network Data. Alternatively, use the USSD string *180# or our APP and Website to change your Out Of Bundle Redirection settings (Note that this will then use of your Airtime and Spend Limit).
  • Where to buy data:
    • Use USSD to purchase
      • *180# to buy regular bundles such as FreeMe, Lit_, All Network Data, Voice etc…
      • *123# to buy promotional Mo’Nice bundles (Please note that these are uniquely tailored to your spend and usage habits.)
    • Website – My Telkom portal
    • Using the Telkom App
    • 3rd Party vendors such as your Online banking, retailers etc…


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