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Telkom Sim - LTE 4G Router D-Link

Dont know if anybody else has been experiancing the same issue I have with Telkom.


On my Dashboard it says that I still have 140gig of data available.  But when I connect to the internet, my browser pops up with the out of bundle telkom message.


Why is this happening?


It is as if the connection drops that there is no signal 90% of the time.


Then again it does connect to the internet, but only for a limited time then the out of bundle pops up again.


So frustrating! Getting grey hair by the minute.


Is this a Telkom issue that they are forcing us to upgrade to Fiber.


I have ordered a new LTE 4G Router that will arrive in the next few days from Takealot.com just incase this current router is faulty.


I will comment on this message once I have received it to see if that was the issue, but right now I am not to sure what is going on.


If anybody out there can give some advise or experiancing the same issue, please responce.


Telkom Customer - Boksburg Witfield Area

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Re: Telkom Sim - LTE 4G Router D-Link

The onnet option worked until end February - for the entire month of March 9apps IT IS NOT WORKING!?!

All i want is to see my wifi usage and it is not available.

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