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Re: Telkom WiFi

Good day,


I have a D-Link DSL-225/KT Router. The router has been installed on Friday, 25th of Aug 2017. Wednesday when I got home I am unable to connect to my wifi. The internet cable to my router and pc works and I am able to connect to the internet. I have a 2mbs Uncapped line. I have tried to Restart the router. By switching it off and back on again. I have re-entered the info on but still nothing. I have reset the modem as well, set it up. But the wifi doesnt pick-up. I am struggling to get connected to the wifi and worst is I am sitting next to the modem.


Help will really appreciated.


Kind Regards,



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Re: Telkom WiFi

i have requested a new instalation of *mbs uncapped wifi LTE landline is already installed.

this has happened in March, i have been back to the store on numerous ocassions to get the run around. then eventually a month ago they told me that they cant find my details and order on the system, i reapplied, they mentioned it will take 2 weeks, it has been 4 weeks now, openserve can not find my order n the system, telkom is not giving any consistant feedback, cant get any joy out of the numbers to phone and complain. sitting without WIFI for about 4 months now.

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