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Telkom can not even handle a simple cancellation

Telkom wants to blacklist me. They have a debt collecter called MCS harrassing me day and night. I had a mobile internet contract which was about to end. I went into the store and I was told to give 30 days notice when the time is right. I then called in and spoke to an agent who said i can give notice over the phone (please request a recording of that call from Vodacom).


The agent over the phone told me everyhting was fine the notice had been acknowledged, and even SMS'd me a reference number. Ive also emailed that refernce number to the MCS debt collector. 


Telkom continued to debit my account for months on end until I gave my bank instruction to block them. What i dont understand is why they are so adament I owe them money. Surely if a contract ends and it is now month to month. After you dont receive a payment you simply cut the services. Why did they continue to bill me and still contiue to bill me now that I owe them thousands of rands. Yet I was out of contract. 


The debt collector says I was supposed to cancel in store but they also dont have access to any information directly so when they call they are very uninformed. Dealing with Telkom is not only a frustration because of the poor service and incompetant staff but they will also ruin your name. 


I need advice from anyone with a similar challenge. Maybe we can all get together and take Telkom to the consumer council before we sue them. 


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