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Telkom connection dropping

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For the last 7 or 8 months now, I have been taking advantage of the Mo'Nice offerings available for Prepaid customers on the Telkom Mobile network (particularly the data deals). I use the Telkom Mobile SIM card in a second phone and then put up a hotspot with it which I then connect my main phnoe to (data on other networks is far too expensive). I have noticed that on occasion, my 2nd phone (with the Telkom SIM) will lose connection out of nowhere and tell me that it is on TelkomSA AND simulataneously roaming on TelkomSA (either that or it will roam onto MTN even though I have colleagues and friends who are on Telkom using data and making/receiving calls literally metres away that are not roaming onto other networks out of the blue). I then receive an SMS saying that my data connection has been paused due to using out of bundle data (which I understand because the a few of the Mo'Nice offerings do not work when roaming). What I have a problem with is firstly how frequently it drops and secondly why on earth it would roam from Telkom to Telkom? I have checked the coverage map for the areas I visit on a regular basis and I have been told that I am more than within the range of Telkom's coverage.

Does anyone have any sort of fix for this? This is making life increasingly difficult and there seems to be nothing I can do on my end to remedy the situation other than to fork out excessive amounts of money for data from other networks.



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