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Telkom finally called but no progress

So Telkom finally called me back today regarding my LTE uncapped application and when they asked for my ID number I have them my passport number coz that's what I used to apply online, then the agent tells me that he can't help me so he will have to transfer me to another agent who deals with passports, I was put on hold for 40 minutes eventually someone answered and they asked me to confirm my name,surname and passport number and right after I was done saying my name the agent said thank you very much we will call you back, but I wasn't even done with my surname nor my passport number... I have been waiting for them to call me back since, and why do they have the passport number option if it's gonna be such a hassle.
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Re: Telkom finally called but no progress

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You not the only one buddy. I waited 40mins on the line and still never answer. After my frustration I cut the call as I have better things to do. As a new customer to Telkom I am disgusted. My account has been debited, and its been 1 week now that I am still waiting for feedback and a reply.


The funny things is, I have been told that these Agents at the call centre put you on hold on purpose to get more talk time out of you as they are monitored by their KPI's. Also noticed while being on hold, I can hear someone breathing on the mic. Im not sure how true this is, but waiting 40min+..... 

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Re: Telkom finally called but no progress

It's Ludicrous, I have been trying to get this deal since January and everytime they call the line is silent and then when I finally get through to them they put me on hold like nobodies business.... I am so frustrated especially because I can't go anywhere else, truth be told
This is an amazing deal...
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