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Telkom mislead me

Very dissapointed with dealing with telkom, I had a month to month telkom adsl line, a week ago i phoned to enquire about why my internet was down, i was then informed by the consultant that it was due to powercuts. I underatood what the consulant explained and then i further enquired about Lte speed, he told me all the capabilities and advantages, i asked him if it were possible to migrate to an lte uncapped month to month as i have been getting emails from telkom to migrate. The consultant said yes you may and would you like to, I advised him that only if its a month to month uncapped package the consultant told me that the only thing that will change is the device the package will remain the same. Two days ago i received my handset and sim, a day later it was active when i called them and asked again is it still uncapped they said yes. Today i get home and see that i have an out of bundle prompt from my smart tv i phoned telkom, only to be told that the lady had made a error and signed me up to a 20gig plan, i told them that that was unacceptable as i did not agree to that and did not sign up for anything and i was overly specfic about what i wanted a month to month uncapped lte package. I was then put on hold for 20mins to be told i needed to be transferred and then waited another 20mins for another person to tell me i got transferred to an incorrect department and that i should wait till monday. Why should i suffer for the mistakes and incompetent service for someone elses mistake i am truly and utterly disgusted by the way i was treated, i find it appauling that i was signed up to a package that i clearly did not even agree to. What does telkom have to say about that?
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Re: Telkom mislead me

this seems to be the going thing for Telkom - I am reading through every comment posted and I swear that I have been through every bit of whats going on - I believe this is how Telkom conducts business

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