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Terrible internet speed - LTE

Any reason why Telkom's LTE speeds are extremely erractic? I cannot get more than 2Mbps today and for the past week, while very randomly speeds burst up to 18Mbps for a few minutes in between.

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Re: Terrible internet speed - LTE

I have no technical response to that but what I can tell is this - get used to it. I've been struggling for months now and made no progress. You will probably also find that your response is severly throttled during peak time i.e. these are the times when you actually have the time to use the service such as evenings after 17h00 or weekends. Essentially LTE on hellkom becomes unusable except for the odd email or plain HTML. Forget about any streaming, video or audio.


Having said that - I can do just fine during those same time periods doing the same thing at the same location using the small amount of data I have on a different provider via my smartphone. 

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