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Thieving Hellkom Doing it Again

@hellotelkom send me a DM 8 hours ago telling me that they have asked for an update for my LTE response issue logged for the 10th time weeks ago. Shortly afterwards the SLOW response becomes NO response. Full business day without access to my email so had to spend money on prepaid sim and data. Today I spend 1hour and 34minutes on the phone, 1hour and 9 minutes of this I was on hold (I am NOT making this up). I was eventually told by the support agent that her hands are tied and there is nothing she can do. So basically what I was told is good luck but you are on your own.


I have now logged a call via phone, spoke online to agent, used hellkom forum, send tweets. Within the next few days I'm leaving my family without Internet access, for which I pay. HTF do a service provider like this get away with it? What they doing is criminal, they take money out of an account each month without providing the service they took the money for. Surely that is theft? Is it the accepted standard in this country? Can service providers just enter into an agreement without any commitment?

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Re: Thieving Hellkom Doing it Again

After almost two months and test messages informing me that the network department is investigating I get a call from somebody wanting to make an appointment to test. When do you want to test? Well obviously during office hours as we do not work after hours. This after me telling and showing hellkom 1000 time that the problem is with congested towers AFTER hours. So testing now when nobody is at home and nobody is using it, is beyond stupid. I have no idea of how to handle this anymore, I have spoken to every conceivable idiot, used every single channel available and spend hundreds, if not thousand of RRR to try and get my message across and yet every time it comes full circle. I prevously has a tech coming out to test during working hours and after seeing my test results for after hour tests and me explaing the issue to him again he admitted that there is an ongoing issue in the area. Yet nothing nothing is done. Does such incompetence really exist in this world?

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