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Too much Traffic in Durban area

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I have the Uncapped LTE package at home and at work. I work in the Durban Central and I stay in the Morningside/Overport Area in Durban. 

Both my LTE modems have full network strength and my speeds average around the 50/60 mbps speed with external anntenaes. At work I have no problems and my speed is constant most of the time. At home is where the problem is. Usually in the day its fine yet in the evening, the speed drops to below 5 mbps even on full signal and the internet expereince is terrible. I seem to think that the Overport/Morningside area sufferes with bad exchange congestion during these times. As when I had ADSL previously, I also got slow internet during these times.  My questions are:

Is telkom aware of the bad congestions in this area (if it is indeed the problem). Is Telkom looking to upgrade the exchange accordingly in this area? Infuture, where do we report such slow internet for LTE as I see there is only reporting for landline based Internet? I am sure other users in this area aslo experience the same? OR Is it just the case that the internet users in this area overwhelm what Telkom can handle? Hopefully Telkom can shed some light on this matter.

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