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Types of data on my LTE package

Can anyone explain what the difference is between Inclusive Smart Broadband Data and Wifi data? It is so confusing ... 

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Re: Types of data on my LTE package

@jac, the inclusive SmartBroadband data is the data you get with your package that is yours to use at home from the SIM.

The free Wifi data is to use when you are out and about and in a Wifi hotspot, like at Burger King. There are free wifi hotspots all around the country. You can find hotspots close to you here - https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/ucm/wifi/?






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Re: Types of data on my LTE package

Does this Inclusive SmartBroadband Data apply for anytime as in "day and night surfer" use or can it only be used between 12 am and 7pm (night surfer)?

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