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Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

I took out an 10 GB LTE contract in 2014 for 36 months. My data needs have changed and I now want 100 GB a months. (consider that i only have 12 months left on the contract) I went to the telkom shop to do an "upward migration", and was told that i'm unable to migrate - I have to take out a new 36 month contract. Which includes a device. I dont need a device, I already have a device. The call centre states the same, that i'm unable to migrate.


The telkom terms and conditions on the website states in section 6, 6.1, b: "The subscriber shall continue with the existing contract agreement, and shall not be considered to have entered into a new contract agreement based on the migration request." It also states: "c. Subscribers who are subscribed to old offers can migrate to the new broadband offers. Upward migrations are limited to one instance per calendar month only"


So telkom seems to be in contravention to their own terms and conditions. 


My request is simple - I want to migrate from 10GB to 100GB, without extending the period of my contract. Why is this impossible for telkom to comprehend? What is my options here? I have tried to cancell the contract, but is not getting any joy on that front as well.


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Re: Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

@LTEuser1, I will direct this to a sales team to contact you back and see if they can assist.

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Re: Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

I want to do similar. 7 months into a 24 month contract. From 10G to 50 G. Is is called migration and how do I go about?

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Re: Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

I also want to migrate from our current LTE 20GB SmartBroadband contract, approximately 5 months running, to either the LTE 50GB or, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!!, to the newly launched UNLIMITEDhome10 voice & data plans.


Has this migration restrictions between contracts been lifted?


Any comments will be appreciated...

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Re: Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

Has anybody received feedback from Telkom in this regard.


I am in the same boat, I need to upgrade but unforunately it appears that Telkom is not interested in the additional revenue. TheTelkom store told me that I can upgrade, but

1) I have to sign a new 24 month contract (At the time I stil had 18 months remaining)

2) I have to pay an additional R50 per month for the duration of the existing contract.


The upgrade that I wanted to do was worth an additional R200 per month = R3,600 for the remainder of the contract. I was prepared to spend the R3,600, but to do this I have to pay a penalty of R900 (R50 per month for 18 months).


To me this is absolutely crazy.


Some sensable answers would be appreciated

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Re: Unable to migrate LTE to bigger package

Did any of you receive this as feedback? I have been tryin to do this as well but still waiting.


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