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Unable to migrate from 50Gig LTE to Uncapped LTE Special

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I have phoned the Telkom sales line (10213) multiple times, they keep putting me through to Customer care who again just puts me back through to sales... None of them actually know who assists with the migrations???!!!!!! the one says it's the other!! I mean Dammit!!!! WTF??!!!! I JUST WANT TO MIGRATE TO UNCAPPED LTE. Then, the one sales guy tells me to go into a store.. which I did... Got there and what did they tell me??? When it's a special, I must do it online.... and PS. their server was down. 


How the hell do they run a company like this? I have had so many problems wiith Telkom, I wish I could cancel my whole ***bleep*** contract with them #TELKOMMUSTFALL!!!!!!!


I keep trying to phone the Vaal Mall shop, no one answers!!!! 


Smiley Sad Smiley Sad  Smiley Sad

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