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Unrestricted APN for my router

I need a Unrestricted  APN setting for my CPE B315. Telkom suggested I use the following which DOES NOT WORK.

Profile name: Internet

IP type: IPv4

APN: internet

It was set to TelkomInternet which also does not work...

What does not work? I automatically logged out on certain secure sites. Cannot use FTP without disconnecting at some point of transfers or downloads. In general it's a weird behaviour.

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Re: Unrestricted APN for my router

i agree, i dont think telkom knows what an unrestricted apn is or how to do it

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Re: Unrestricted APN for my router

The first line of support does not have a clue and only follows on screen instructions when accessing and helping a customer. Meaning I weill get the same answer each time I contact Telkom.  I'm learning as I go along, spending my precious time to find the solution to Telkoms shortcomings.


For what it's worth...


unrestricted apn allows all incoming ports, again NO blocking, shaping, throttling or messing with incoming ports, in any way, just like outgoing.

To summarise the summary: NO shaping, whatsoever.


So yes, I will jump ship when my contract expires. Telkom is not interested in training their support providers. 

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Re: Unrestricted APN for my router

Hi, if your router has a means to add profiles for your APN, then go there and add a new APN and name it unrestricted which is what many people are doing to resolve the recent issues that many LTE customers are experiencing.


Basically, whatever Telkom is doing, is causing the internet & TelkomInternet APN's to be fixed to a very limited range of public IP addresses, which are in the range 192.168.xxx.xxx, and this undoubtedly caused havoc.


In addition to that, when you are ysing the previous apn's, your public IP address keep changing all by itself, every few minutes, without the user having to power cycle the router, which is the traditional way of changing your public IP.


I've had sites block me from accesing them on my profile, because of the ever changing IP address, which some servers must view as a DDoS attack, due to the multiple IP addresses they pick up.


Somoene at Telkom is not clued up about how to manage whatever it is that they are doing in their end.


And yes, the call centre agents you call in to speak to DO NOT KNOW A THING. Not sure who is at fault there.

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