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Upgrade existing LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package

I have an uncapped Smartbroadband contract which is due for an upgrade. How can I upgrade to still be in the uncapped option for another 24 months? 

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Re: Upgrade existing LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package

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Hi @JandreCronje and welcome to the Telkom Community forum,


No need to upgrade nor accept any telkom agent phone calls asking you to.


I've read you cannot have your contract cancelled unless in writing from you :-) .


What happens after your 24 months is the device fee falls away eg. R599.00 deal becomes R525.00 per month, R699.00 > R625.00 and lastly R799.00 > R725.00. This has been confirmed by many whose contracts have finished [from the mybroadband uncapped LTE feedback thread].


Remember, there is no uncapped LTE below R799.00 currently so upgrading if you on a lower priced package means paying extra. One last thing, should you get a better option that you see the uncapped LTE is no longer worth it for you, you can painlessly transfer the contract [month to month] over to someone else. Recommended you both go into a Telkom Direct store and fill in the paperwork.


Hope that clears things up Smiley Happy . Anymore questions, please don't hesitate to ask on here. Man Happy


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Re: Upgrade existing LTE Smartbroadband Uncapped Package

Hello @Cyph3rZA, thank you very much for your response.


This realy saved me alot of time and hassle, and perhaps money.

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