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Upgrading my LTE Wireless Question

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Good Afternoon All. When I was staying at my previous house, I ordered the 30 Gig wireless package with the Huawei B315 router. I then moved to a new address a couple months later, I checked the LTE coverage of my new address and it said it wasn’t covered but there was coverage about 3 streets away. Anyways moved to the new house and luckily I still get reception and can use my wireless. Now I want to upgrade it to either 50 Gigs per month or the uncapped LTE package. How does one go about this and will they give me hassles saying that my new place isn’t covered even though I live there and get full coverage no problem? Anyone @Telkom that can help me?

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Re: Upgrading my LTE Wireless Question

Hey im sure you can just tell them you want to upgrade i dont think it necessary to tell them you moved... if you have coverage it shouldn't make a difference whether you on 30gigs or 50. 

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Re: Upgrading my LTE Wireless Question

Then part 2 of my question is, once i do it online, how long does it take for the extra data to be loaded or does it start from the new month?


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