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Useless!!! Been 4 months and still no response from telkom.

I have had problems dropping connectivity and having extremely slow speed on my LTE.


I have made multiple requests for assistance but telkom have yet to respond to a single one. Every time I log a call, telkom gives me a reference number and says that someone will get back to me (blatant lies) and then a day or two goes by and the call is then marked as resolved.


AS this has been going on for months I have also requested a refund for the last 4 months only to have this also marked as resolved....even though I have had nothing from telkom.


Everytime I ask to speak to a manager the call center person says that its not allowed. You cannot escalate a call, or speak to someone competent. Never. Telkom has been so useless.


 My latest ref number is 18995573. The ref number before that (which was cancelled for no reason) was 18995573. The ref number from  Hellopeter is SM234369. I can supply further reference numbers which have all been marked as resolved even though nobody has contacted me.


My last call I was promised that a manager was going to phone me back in an hour...I am still waiting.


3 things need to happen - 1) my problem needs to be fixed. 2)I need my last 4 months refunded. 3)I need the name and contact details of a manager so that I can issue a letter of intent (I have months of emails and reference numbers, combined with vodacom bills showing number of calls and time spent on the phone to telkom) to take to the small claims court.

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Re: Useless!!! Been 4 months and still no response from telkom.

@Rory, the Community is not a Service Channel, but I have escalated this to our Social Team dealing with Hello Peter Queries.

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Re: Useless!!! Been 4 months and still no response from telkom.

Still no contact from telkom. You are liars and useless!
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