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Very Poor Internet

We had very good internet speed at our home with our FREEME 20g bundles. Our avarage speeds was 18mp ping, 22mbps download and 9mbps uploads.

Peak times it would drop to 19mbps download and 5mbps upload.

Since the middel of October as if someone dropped a switch, the speeds has gone to zero. Edge to "H" at best.

Speeds dropped to 249ms Ping, 0.06mbps download and 0.00mbps uploads on peak and on avarge 120ms Ping, 0.91mbps download and 0.00mbps upload.

We live about 500m away form a tower.

I drove to the tower stood right next to it and did a speed test at 12H00. 17mp Ping, 4.72mbps Download and 4.83mbps upload.

I drove back to my house and did a speed test outside. 63ms Ping, 1.36mbps Download and 0.12mbps upload.

after many unsucsessful cahts and phone calls to resolve this problem, a case was evetualy logged on the 21st of this month.

Again after many emails, phone calls, visit to shops I have to report that this case has not exscalated nay further.

Please it is not electrical interfereance, it is not the device setup ans we have tryed and tested all the teories.

And Remeber we have 2 devises with the same deal with the same problem

What shall I do?


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