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Want to view data usage

I loaded a 60GB exactly a week ago. This morning my day data left was only 7GB. I have never in 2 years used over 50GB in just 7 days.

I am positive no downloads took place etc. There is 1 laptop and a tv for showmax and netflix connected to this device.

I want to view a breakdown of some sort to see what had used this massive amount of data. Or which service had used what amount.


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Re: Want to view data usage

Hi there. The same thing happened to me. I checked my data balance last night and I had 26 gigs left. I know this because the circle was also orange to show that I had enough data. A few minutes later, my wifi stopped signing in and when I checked this morning it said I'm out of bundle. I want a full breakdown of my data usage because it's clear that Telkom took away the balance of my data. I tried to view usage on the app, and it keeps giving me an error. I have screenshots to prove everything. Not only that, I was trying to reach someone at their call centre for over 30 minutes this morning, with no luck.
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