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What can I do about congestion in my area?

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Hi all,


As per the subject line, What can be done?


During offpeak I see download speeds in excess of 20MB/S with latency between 350ms - 400ms, upload speeds of 5mb/s all the way up to 10mb/s and 0% packet loss.


During peak , download speeds are about 1-5 MB/S with latency between 650ms - 900ms, upload speeds of 0.4mb/s all the way down to 0.01mb/s and up to 47% packet loss.


I'm in the Thornton, Cape Town Area.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: What can I do about congestion in my area?

howzit. not sure if I'm on the right track here but, if you are using a router, I'd ask the support team to check what tower you are connecting to. there could be more than one tower that you jump to. I'm sure they can lock you down to a specific tower. given your query, my suggestion doesn't make much sense... to me too, was just a suggestion Smiley Happy


Purchasing an aerial to boost signal might work. you need to know what the actual issue is though. contact 081180. it could be an issue with some node that needs to be addressed, and you might not need to do anything on your side. if it is network congestion, i don't think there's much you can do. the fact that you get packet loss during peak is evidence enough i think.



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