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What exactly are they selling????

They charge R799x24 for "SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless with Huawei B315 LTE Router"


This package comes with:

+ Out of bundle rate for data: R0.29 per MB

+ Subscribers need to link a secondary mobile device to their plan via their My Telkom Mobile account in-order to consume the free WiFi bundle



It's an uncaped Wireless product... what "free wifi bundle" are they talking about?

When will I pay OOB charges on my uncapped product?


What does unlimited wifi bundles mean? If I have unlimited, why place a 10GB cap on it? Does this mean that I get 10Gb of data and then I get disconnected and get another 10Gb of data as soon as I reconnect?


Can I get 10Gb of data as many times as I want at full speed as long as I disconnect after every 10Gb?


Or do they mean I get full speed downloads every time I connect but if I don't disconnect and go over 10Gb then they throttle me until I disconnect and reconnect?


Also, this is the wifi they speak of... unlimited wifi bundles with 10GB FUP... directly after that they say uncapped anytime data. What happened to the 10Gb FUP now? Do the wifi bundles only apply to hotspots like McDonalds but at home there is no limit or do I get uncapped data in the form of wifi bundles that come in 10Gb packs?


What the hell are they selling?


I tried speaking to them via chat but I got the rudest support staff ever. Nothing but attitude all the time. I told the person that I've been using ADSL since the last century so I know I need a device that can connect to wifi before I can connect to a hotspot. I asked that he please not treat me like I am an idiot. His response was "Please stop swearing as it offends me personally and if you continue I will end the chat". How in the world is asking someone NOT to treat ME like an idiot considered me swearing and personally offending someone???? The idiot doesn't even know what the hell swearing means it seems...


That would explain why our conversation goes:

Can I help you with anything else?

Yes. I would still like an answer to one of the numerous questions I asked

can you please ask them one at a time and then I will answer them in order


[insert 10 questions here, one per line]

Which one did you want me to answer?

All of them. Starting from the top. One at a time. Like you said you would

One question will do. I will start with this one: "Why must I take out a second mobile product for this product to work?"

"If you already have a device that can connect to a hotspot then you don't need to take out the second product."

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Yes. All the other questions

Please visit the telkom website

I was there already. I didn't understand what "unlimited 10Gb bundles" meant. What is the point of unlimited small bundles? Is this only at McDonalds etc or at home also? Is there a difference between the unlimited bundles and the uncapped anytime data?

Please visit the telkom site

Where exactly?

Follow the links

I already did that is why I am here. Does this mean you don't know either? Can't you just link me to where the answer is instead of telling me "browse the website till you find an answer?"

[Disconnects the chat]


Doesn't even bother to say good bye. Just disconnects the chat because I figured out the person is an absolute idiot who doesn't have a clue what is going on at Telkom.


So now I am left wondering... They charge me R799 for uncapepd data... but give me unlimited FREE wifi with a 10Gb FUP. What does this mean? Does this mean? Free wifi with the paid uncapped??? FUP on the FREE wifi but nothing mentioned about any FUP on the "uncapped anytime data". If I am PAYING for uncapped data, where does the FREE wifi come into the story? And why unlimited bundles but with FUP while I also have uncapped anytime with no FUP??? What exactly are they selling???


They don't know... do any of YOU know how to decode this strange language they invented that only a hand full of people at Telkom can understand? Anyone know what the hell it is they are selling? 

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Re: What exactly are they selling????

Hi @JansenSensei, sorry that the jargon baffles. I will try and demystify.


In terms of the Free WiFi, this is to access free Wifi Hotspots at places throughout SA such as restuarants and shopping centres etc... You can find all our hotspots here -


To find out more about the Uncapped LTE, please read our T&C's and FAQ's under the following page - --> Broadband




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Re: What exactly are they selling????

Thanks for the quick response. Man there is a lot of reading on that page you linked me to...


Let's see if I keep  this nice and short if yuo will be able to just give me the answers I need:


I don't have a Telkom line at the moment because they were scheduled to install one between 7:30 and 16:00 yesterday but simply never showed up. A month I waited, they called me last week to confirm the date, I sat at home all day waiting for them and nobody showed up... Now nobody is answering when we phone the help line and the Telkom warehouse is locked (no store in town). So I am scrambling for alternatives because my 100Mb mobile data per month is not going to cut it...


So I see this product.... Wireless so I don't have to reply on people who can't stick to schedules made a month in advance. Uncapped so I can do my thing without worrying about running out of data or paying R-thousands per month for mobile data. Excellent... This sounds like a perfect substitute for the land line that Telkom is unable to install (even after a month's scheduling to do so) and ADSL...


But they say "Uncapped AnyTime Data" and mentions nothing about a FUP so I have to wonder "How much data do I get with my uncapped product?" The very question itself p*sses me off that I even have to ask that. It's like having to ask how many edges a circle has but, "fair use" means they place edges on the circles and still call it a circle so I have to ask... How much data can I use on my uncapped product before they throttle me to the point where I download one email in 30 minutes? 


What is the point of bragging about "You can get download speeds of up to 150MB with this device" only to add "unless we purposely limit your speed to 14.4Kb" ???


All the free wifi bundles... I am never going to use them so I don't care about them. Also, since this device does voice and data I will most probably have a phone connected to the device and doubt I will carry my router and my landline phone with me while I go use 10Gb of data at KFC... If they mean "if you have this product you can connect to the wifi at our hotspots using your phone's built in wifi and NOT via this device" well then "Thank you, Telkom, for a nice bonus if and when I ever need wifi while I am out and about. Kudos"...


...but mostly I just want to know one thing: How much data can I use per month on my wireless uncapped product until the product becomes useless for the rest of the month?


Nice and simple.

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Re: What exactly are they selling????

[ Edited ]

That was actually a very useful link after I figured out what pdf to look at, thanks. 

...then it just brought up more questions and again I feel the website is sorely inadequate!


So the FUP is 50GB. Awesome. Would have been good to know ON THE PRODUCT PAGE... but that limit only applies to bandwidth intensive stuff like torrents "etc". What the hell good is "etc" when you list what is and is not considered bandwidth intensive operations????


I use 90% of my internet doing streaming from youTube and NetFlix. Other ISPs also mention a dislike for torrents but say streaming is never throttled... Nice... but what about Telkom? Is video streaming considered "bandwidth intensive under etc" or is NetFlix okay? the rest I spend on emails and web browsing with the occasional online gaming and console updates etc but 90% is NetFlix. Okay or not?


Then I see I can only get the service on auction. Wtf? Where did THAT come from??? Paragraph 1: You can only get this product on auction. 2 questions later: "Can existing customers get this product?" and answer: "Yes, existing customers can order this product". WTF???? What is this auction business now!?!?!?


And then I get the worst news... it is only available in select areas of Gauteng. Me living in North West means I can stop reading right there. Thank you for putting THAT on the product order page!!! "Please note, only 5% of the country qualify for this product and only 150 people will actually get it". That would have been VERY useful info to put on the product page!


So, assuming for the moment that the PDF is just super outdated and the auction system is long since commited to history, let's move on and check my coverage here at home... oh darn. According to Telkom my area can only get 3G at speeds of up to 2Mb max... darn... So yesterday when I downloaded some files using my cousin's router and I was downloading at 2800 Kb/s..... Hmmm..... I guess 2800 Kb can be less than 2Mb when you deal with a a company who says: "You can get download speeds of up to 150Mb on this device!" then gives you a PDF to read in which it says "You can get download speeds of up to 90Mb with this device" and later on in the same document they go "You can get download speeds of..." Aww geez, now I forgot... but it was even less. I think 68Mb...


I guess if 68 is the same as 90 and 90 is the same as 150 then 2800Kb can be less than 2Mb... So when they say I can't get LTE even though my phone permanently on 4G and I am downloading at 2800Kb I guess that means I can seriously just forget about this product and continue to wait for Telkom to one day learn how to follow the appointments in their calendars... One month down, who knows how many more months to wait before they finally come to install my phone line...


In any event, this product that is only available via auction at a fixed price, shown to the world but only availble to 150 people in total and only in the Gauteng area... is definitely not something to look at any more... especially since it's 150Mb is actually 90Mb and actually only 68Mb but I live in an area that can only get speeds of up to 2Mb while I am download at nearly 3Mb... yeah, I guess I can stop looking at this now and just wait for telkom to learn to read their calendar and stick to the dates they picked a month in advance.


I am thinking fibre will become available in my area long before Telkom gets around to installing my line...

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Re: What exactly are they selling????

dude, thats too much reading :-)


As for speeds on LTE, yes it can reach those fantastic speeds (in a Lab ;-) ) but reality is you have to live under a tower or be satisfied with lower speeds. I used to have 4mbps ADSL and switched to LTE and now get about 19Mbps. Its not 150mbps but it is almost 4 times faster than I had.


They usually reserve 150 slots on a tower and run an auction to apply, first come first serve. This is to protect network performance.


Streaming Netflix & Youtube should not count toward High Bandwidth protocols



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