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What's up with the slow LTE?

LTE has now become slower than my old HDPA line. I have moved my router around in a 100km radius and the speed is bad, no matter my location. Sad thing is, it used to be great. Now the systems have obviously been suturated to the point of almost exploding and everyone is suffering. It drives me mad to see or hear Telkom adds. How can they sell more if they know the system is overloaded already? We have a contract, Telkom. I pay for a service that you provide. You have broken that contract by not providing the service, now I will stop paying and start complaining on every form of media I can. Discusting.

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Re: What's up with the slow LTE?

Have the same experience. Should never have opted for LTE, should rather have waited for Fibre - it really is slower than Corroded ADSL at the coast - even though they promise 150MBPS - it's actually only 1 or 2MBPS most of the time

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