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Windows 10 Can't connect to Telkom Internet Cellular network

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I have just changed the sim card in my laptop to Telkom from another SA network, and need help with connectivity settings.


  • The other network sim was working well, as it automatically picked settings from a windows store app.
  • The sim card is picked, and when I try connect it says;
    "Can't connect to this network, cellular data isn't working properly. try again later"
  • The PC is running Windows 10 Pro  with a Dell DW5560 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband card.


  • Below are the setting required by the PC, which I am not sure of:
  1. Profile name:
  2. APN:
  3. User name:
  4. Password:
  5. Type of sign-in info:
  6. IP type:

I have phoned Telkom support on 10210 and after about 30 minutes the call gets answered and is transferred to Technical Dept which never gets answered.


Please  help me with settings


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