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Worst customer service provider

After numerous dealings with numerous departments and receiving unsatisfactory assistance as well as poor escalation of difficulties since 17 March, a technical support call centre agent had referred Mr to this email address. 

Please see the below details of the many interactions with Telkom during March 2020: 

 Wifi used up on 16th. Upgraded recently (about a month or so) to 40/40 (from 20 day time/20 night time) via call agent. In store can not fully assist as a call agent issued the upgrade.

·         Case logged on 17th with 72 hour case resolution , case number 32824384. In store agents in Pinelands were very helpful. They said that router must be turned on and off every night at midnight for the conversion, the router needs to be updated and a new sim may have needed to be issued. Requested call from Telkom, the agent on the call denied any issues with wifi as a immediate response after client explained reason for call. Agent also said that no updates are needed and that the router does not need to be turned on and off. Call agent did not listen to client and spoke over client. Request to speak to manager was followed with them all being busy/ in a meeting and that a manager will call back. They never did.

·         18th Case number received, in store agents in Canal walk said that router needs to be turned on and off every night at mid night. In store requested call agent to call me, their line caused a severe echo and I asked to be called back. They said that would call back in 5 minutes, they never did.. Store manager also mentioned my previous credit record being low whereas now it is high – still uncertain what this implies in terms of Telkom now not doing switch over from day time/”anytime” to night time. There are zero Telkom packages which offer a set amount of data for the month. Emphasis on wording changed. “Day time” has changed to “any time”, this was not what was sold via call agent.

·         20th: Back to Pinelands Telkom to get an update on the case. No update available.

·         23rd: Back to Pinelands to get an update on the case, case only opened the morning of 23rd . In store agent showed a spike in wifi day time usage on 20th 8am – 9pm (after all day time data was said to be used up): no devices  were connected to the wifi at that time. Wifi log still shows wifi usage in day time since 16th , yet no client devices are able to operate with the wifi. The notice of ‘Data bundle used up’ comes up repeatedly. 

- 25th March: Went into Telkom app to buy additional WIFI data as case has still not been resolved. In the app, the case was marked as resolved by no sms was sent to notify this. Pinelands Telkom in store staff have been very helpful. Sceplo Hlengwa the resolution rep at Capital soc had marked case as resolved 24th March 11:56am. The case report indicated that night time data has been working but no further details or break down of usage.  

- There was no explanation regarding the package which was sold to client (Day time data as had previously being sold as any time data), no expansion on time frames and dates of data used as well as what it was used for, no explanation as to why night time data only kicks in after 1am. 

- When showing in store agents my current router (in hope that it can be updated), they indicated that my upgrade was for sim only and hence the issues because my router is outdated hardware. The call centre agent had not indicated any need to upgrade the router. In order to not wake up or remain awake until 12am every night to switch to night time, a new router needs to be bought in cash which costs around R2000. (The router has been bought and I still have to get up to manually switch it on and off at midnight for night time data to activate).

In summary, these are my issues with Telkom:

- Call centre agents and in store agents provide very different information

- call centre agents sell products without providing all the information, thus resulting in a range of issues: Only the sim was upgraded, the router is not up to date which is causing issues with conversion to night time data, 'day time' data is not 'any time data' which means that all any time data is used first and then night time if the conversion does not happen. 

- I was sold 40GB day time and 40 GB night time via call centre agent, but the package is not that. It is 40GB ANYTIME and 40GB night time. 

- In store consultants can't assist when call centre agents sold the product.  They also can't see the detailed data usage to assist with the query. BUT when trying to get through to talk to a call centre agent or have a representative look at the case, there has been unsatisfactory assistance. There has been no change in the issues experienced. 

- In order for the data conversion issue to be resolved, another R2000 has to be spent. Ridiculous! This should have been communicated when the upgrade of data occurred. 

- Since upgrading to 'double' the data, every month it is used up around mid month without my usage habits increasing.  

- The customer service and issue resolution from Telkom's call centre as well as those who work on cases on these issues have been terrible! 

- After numerous requests to speak to managers,  not a single manager has called since 17 March 2020. 

I would like a manager to listen to all my calls with Telkom (throughout departments I.e. sales, technical support etc) and then call me back. I would like a detailed break down of my daily data usage from November 2019 to May 2020. My email address is

Throughout the various dealings with Telkom, it sadly seems that Telkom does not care about their customers. This is my final attempt to give Telkom a chance to redeem themselves. 
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