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Worst data signal and speed

Telkoms network speed has to be the worst by far and not that reliable at all! 4G and 3G speeds? Nothing close to what its true speed supposed to be .

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Re: Worst data signal and speed

have an LTE line with Telkom for 3 years. In February 2018 the speed dropped from about 10mbps to 1mbps, and down to 0.5mbps for at least half a day at times. I've logged a fault many times but each time they were registered as resolved days later. Eventually on 20 July 2018 a Telkom tech came to my house opening windows, pulling up blinds, holding devices out of the window and even drove up down the road but could not get a decent signal. To date I have not been told how Telkom will solve this matter. I have called the call centre over 10 times (always having to wait 25 minutes or more for someone to answer). The problem has been escalated numerous times and I'm still waiting for an answer. I'm trying to cancel the contract but I'm told that I'll have to pay a penalty. I dont know what to do
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Re: Worst data signal and speed

Hi @GaillardR @Therong


We’re customers in the community ,  sorry but we can’t help much -  there are no Telkom support agents in the forum.  

Please contact Telkom support channels for help with service issues  , here are the options   :-




It sounds like the technician confirmed your Telkom signal is not fit for purpose. If you’re still battling with no acceptable resolution from Telkom call centres,  try sending a detailed complaint  to a Telkom social media team below , with copy emailed to support@telkom.co.za  for decent feedback  & results.   Include your contract details , fault refs, and a couple of speed tests if poss. 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Good luck, hope this helps.

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