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airtime does not reflect- not allowing me to purchase Mo'nice data bundle

i spend over R400 a month on Telkom repaid data. i mostly use the Mo'nice data bundles but im always having a problem- i load R130 airtime & i ensure mt data is off, i dial *123hash & select the R125 bundle that i wish to purchase & i get a message saying i have insufficient funds.

i then dial *188hash & it shows me that i have the R130 airtime that i just loaded.


ive been trying ALL methods to sort this out but Telkom call centre employees are USELESS- they are trained to deal with only easy problems.

they keep saying it shows i have insufficent funds on their system but then after a day or sometimes less, im able to load that same data bundle again without having to buy more airtime.

im also told i have subcriptions on my phone but i know thats not really true- that Never Redirect doesnt eat up my airtime- this is some other problem.

the problem is not with my phone, its the Telkom system.



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