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bad connection LTE and normal mobile srvices

Good day all


I live out on the East Rand I have had my LTE service now for about 6 months my mobile has been with TM for 2 years now as has been my Wife and Kidsa  and it works perfectly the last week or so the connection has become very shody, on all our devices so much so that youtube videos take upto a minute to buffer. I the only real thing that changed is that a new MTN tower went up in our Area about a month ago and was actually switch on about 2 weeks ago.  


It got me thinking how would MTN activating a tower impact on existing services and could this be the cause of our problems. any advise from anyone. would be appreciated.

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Re: bad connection LTE and normal mobile srvices

@King_Gizmo Telkom Mobile roams onto MTN's network. You might have been connecting to an MTN tower all this time. Since 2 weeks ago when they brought up another tower they usually do optimization where they realign antennas so that the new footprint compliments the old tower footprint. You might now fall between the signal of 2 towers, sort of in a dead zone between 2 signal paths. Call 081180 to report your poor speeds.

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Re: bad connection LTE and normal mobile srvices

@LordLethal tks for the advise much appreciated.

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