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Help with delivery of phone package

Hi Telkom,

I have done a contract upgrade for 2 phones. The call agent approved me and told me the courier company would call to arrange delivery within 5days. That was on the 23rd March. Untill now i have had no feedback of my phones being delivered. 

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Re: Help with delivery of phone package

Sorry, the official response by the Community Manager on this site is that this is not the right place for complaints or escalation.



Getting help with even the channels mentioned is at best hit and miss from my experience. The only channels I have not tried are facebook and twitter.


Good Luck, it can be very frustrating. Please give feedback if you do have success or not and which channels you used so that we can better advise other!!


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Re: Help with delivery of phone package

I have been trying to move my line for almost a month now, with no success. I don’t know what to do anymore. I call and get placed on hold for more than an hour, then I get cut off. I tried e-mailing and social media. That does not work. The problem started when the call centre lost my order. All I need to know is that I am being attended to.

Please contact me on 0794511502 or terrence.wilton@gmail.com

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Re: Help with delivery of phone package



I really wish that there was something that we could do about this.


Unfortunately Telkom does not really have anyone on this group to attend to issues as I mentioned previously.


I do think it is unacceptable and pretty rediculous, since 80% of the queries we get are related to issues and I absolutely agree that the channels that they do have generally DO NOT WORK!!


My advice: live with the frustration if you think it's worth it, else find another supplier who gives less grey hairs.


We are trying to give better advice so if you do have success let us know how you did it!!

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Re: Help with delivery of phone package

Hi T,


I have done a phone order for a new contract and an urgent was supposed to call after 48hours. Please advise since I have not received any feedback?

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