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How do I activate my sim after receiving my device?

Good Day.


I received my cellphone (p8lite) last week friday (Thanks,I finally received it,eventually.) First off, I did an online application, didn't work! the agents say the called me,but they didn't, I think you guys need a bit of attention and resolve issues/obstacles in that area as to why that is happening, because clearly I personally think the online application process is not up to par/or not working at all. Secondly I then applied through Absa feature store, and finally I got through to an agent via Absa, so clearly you can see going directly with you guys is not working but via Absa it does, How's that?? Thirdly dealing with the Telkom agent over the phone, I then verified my details was told when the application does go through the validation process, I will be notified if I'd qaulify or not, that process did not happen,not a sms, email, no call, nothing. Lastly I then got a call stating the phone was on it's way, also the agent got the address details wrong, I had to email CourierIT requesting to change address. It was such a hassle getting a device with you guys. This is my expeirence I had with Telkom mobile online application, I would prefer using the Telkom store which I did , I applied for a further 2 devices, same day with ease got the devices both up & running. Big up to Telkom mobile store Cape Town for assisting me.


Furthermore my sim is not activated yet on my (p8 lite cellphone) it's been 3days alreday, Can anyone help regarding this matter/issue?

Warm Regards

Morgan Malloy
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