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Moving to Telkom & MultiSim

Hi guys,


I'd appreciate some help here.


My cellphone contract is about to end with another provider so I am going to change it to Prepaid with the hope to then port my number.

Currently I have a Sim with Telkom on the 100GB Telkom LTE package that I use with my router at home (month to month atm)


I recently noticed the Telkom MultiSim option and that & the other deals you have made me consider moving my cellphone contract to Telkom.


So I am interested in a Cellphone contract with inclusive minutes to use and a new phone (I'd guess S7). What package we can sort out in the future.

Ideally I would like to pair this with my 100GB Telkom LTE Package to share the data.


Would this be possible and how do I go about all this.



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Re: Moving to Telkom & MultiSim

Hi @EJT, Please update your profile with contact details, and I will get a sales team to make contact and talk about our option.

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Re: Moving to Telkom & MultiSim

I'm also struggling with Multisim. Any way I can get hold of someone to speak to about this ?

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