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No Competition to VODACOM!

Mondo Mobile (Authorized Dealers for Telkom) have left such a bad taste in my mouth! Not only Mondo Mobile themselves - but for Telkom Mobile as well! I was contacted on Monday (03 June 2019) by a consultant @Mondo Mobile - Khalil Ebrahim (please note I was contacted - and not the other way around)! Offering me 2 x cellphone contracts at a really good deal. As i explained to Khalil, i already had a contract with Vodacom (which was due for upgrade now) - but seeing that the deal offered by Telkom / Mondo was this good - i decided on giving them a try!. I was told that i already qualified over the phone and that i was to give my banking details for R99 payment (which i did). I was also told that i would receive an sms shortly afterwards with his contact details as well as my contract details etc. This never HAPPENED! So i called Telkom on Tuesday trying to follow up on my applications - to which i was told that Telkom could not assist me, and i was to contact Mondo Mobile who did my application. Please bare in mind that this was my 7th phone call already trying to get through to someone who could actually help me! I tried calling the Mondo number i was given and the number was not available. So i did a search on google and was furious with the complaints i was seeing listed!!! i eventually got the right number from this webisite (Hello Peter) - response to a complaint. I called the number listed on the reply to one of the complaints and eventually got through to the right place. I spoke to a consultant who then told me that my applications was with Telkoms vetting department and i would receive feedback today (05 June). I never received any feedback my the morning and then called again and requested to speak to a manager (Tyron) who in tern told me the same story (ALWAYS A STORY) and also committed to giving me a response by 14:00pm today (05 June). By 14:30pm I called again requesting to speak to Tyron and i was advised that he is not available (how convenient). I requested to speak to a Manger in Complaints department and advised her of the situation. She also gave me the same stories. I told her that if TELKOM wants to compete with the big guys - then they need to up their game! I am an existing client of Vodacom (and due for my upgrades now) - and if Telkom wants win over new business - this is certainly not the way to go! Telkom / Mondo have wasted 3 days of my time and energy with this application - should i have gone to Vodacom on Monday - i would have received my new devices ALREADY! NOT IN 7-14 WORKING DAYS THEREAFTER!!!!!

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